This is a list of episodes from the Drakoloid animation series "Easy Erase".

Series Overview

Season Episodes Originally Aired
Season premiere Season finale
1 13 November 2, 2012 January 2013
2 7 March 29, 2013 June 28, 2013

Season 1: 2012-2013

Series # Season # Episode title Writer(s) Original air date Prod. Code Viewers
1 1 "Moody's First Day/Smarty Pants" C.J. Blank November 2, 2012 EE1001 4.2K
The series centers around a little 12 year old girl named "Marty" (Michelle Blank) who lives inside a chalk board world where its easy to erase stuff but on her first day of school Marty trys to be popular by stealing Ms. Timmons purse to give to the popular girls in her class. In Smarty Pants Moody wants to try to beat out "Spanelli" a girl who thinks she knows everything and is going to enter a big quiz bowl, which moody competes against her.
2 2 "Food Court Justice/Old Pre-School Visit" Raven Blue November 2, 2012 EE1002 3.8K
3 3 "Moody And The Mean Bus Driver/Recess Bully" Caroline Max November 9, 2012 EE1003 1.8K
4 4 "Homework Helper/The Big Run" Armin Janap November 16, 2012 EE1004 2.7K
5 5 "School Bully/Agility" C.J. Blank November 23, 2012 EE1005 1.8K
6 6 "The Celebrity/Moody Meets Test Day" C.J. Blank November 30, 2012 EE1006 1.4K
7 7 "Parent Teacher Interviews/Blackboard Duty" Raven Blue December 7, 2012 EE1007 2.1K
8 8 "Truth Or Fair/Skateboarding Lessons" Armin Janap December 15, 2012 EE1009 1.4K
9 9 "Moodys Job/Commencing Phase Ninty" Cristin Fay December 15, 2012 EE1010 1.9K
10 10 "Film & Movie/Internet Safety" C.J. Blank December 15, 2013 EE1011 2.2K
11 11

"Christmas Casonova/Winter Break"

C.J. Blank December 21, 2013 EE1008 3.5K
12 12

"Exam Week/Yearbook"

C.J. Blank January 4, 2013 EE1013 1.1K
12 12

"New Years Resolution/Picture Day"

Caroline Max January 11, 2013 EE1012 N/A

Season 2: 2013-2014

Series # Season # Episode title Writer(s) Original air date Prod. Code Viewers
14 1 "Back To School/Gym Confidence" C.J. Blank March 29, 2013 EE2001 1.9K
Moody is back in school and she trys to start a new reputation to become more popular and more cool with the cool kids but doesn't know how to fit in; Gym Confidence Moody is starting gym class but is not the most atheletic person of all time so she tries to build more confidence while doing sports.
15 2 "Gender Mix Party/Fashion" Drake Vegas April 5, 2013 EE2002 2.1K
16 3 "Teachers Pet/Class Lizard" C.J. Blank April 12, 2013 EE2003 1.5K
17 4 "Moody's iQ Test/The Nurse And The Bloody Curse" C.J. Blank April 19, 2013 EE2004 1.0K
18 5 "Work Of Art/Basket Ball Coach" Drake Vegas April 26, 2013 EE2005 N/A
19 6 "Scoreboard/First Kiss Spell" Drake Vegas May 3, 2013 EE2006 N/A
Moody has to sub in for Rex the original scoreboard keeper and she has to learn to keep score until she breaks the Scoreboard machine; Moody wants her first kiss but she wants to make it perfect with the one she truly loves making her go on a quest to find that true love.
20 7 "Last Day Of School/Summer Vacation" TBA June 28, 2013 EE2007 N/A
In the season finale its the last day of school and Moody wants to make it very memorable so next year she will be doing everything she wanted to ever do this year with no regrets; Summer Vacation has begun for Moody and she wants all her dreams to come true of meeting Drake Bell finally which she tries to get into the concert.

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